Specialist Personal Trainer for Seniors in Melbourne

An active lifestyle is essential at every stage of life, especially as you grow older. The best method to stay young at heart is regular exercise. It will not only keep you healthy but also enhance your energy levels. If you are looking for a way to become more active and fit, then enrol in our personalised senior fitness training program in Melbourne.

We, at Positive Edge, are the renowned provider of personal training in Melbourne for seniors.  Our senior fitness training sessions will help you build your stamina and slow down the signs of aging.


Our Personalised Senior Fitness Training Sessions Include:

  • One on One Personal Training
  • Two on One Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Mobile Personal Training

The ultimate aim of our senior fitness program is to provide seniors more strength and make them more independent.

Our personalised training session allows seniors to carry out training at their own pace, including strength training, body shaping, weight bearing, mobility training, fall prevention and much more.

Benefits of Our Senior Fitness Training

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Stronger immune system
  • Help control joint swelling
  • Reduces the symptoms of anxiety
  • Minimising the risk of falling
  • Improving posture and maintaining weight

Whether you want to improve your physical or mental health, our personal training in Melbourne helps you to have a fit and energetic lifestyle. Along with the latest techniques and gym equipment, our personalised senior fitness program offers other facilities like private changing room and service of tea or coffee.

Senior Fitness Gym Coburg

Our Personal Trainers Will Help You to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

With growing age, your muscles begin to weaken and overall body strength decreases, thus making everyday activities more challenging. Our personal trainers are qualified with real-life industry experience. They will guide you throughout the training session and provide an expert assistance whenever required to create the healthy lifestyle that you always wanted.

Our Personal Trainers Can Help You To:

  • Achieve faster and better results
  • Find the right exercise to achieve your fitness goals
  • Reduce the chances of injury during your workout
  • Acquire a lifetime exercise habit

Being the most recommended name for senior personal training in Melbourne, we ensure you to solve all the issues like muscle pain, strains or more providing the best fitness training sessions.

Senior Fitness Gym Coburg

Get in Touch with Us

If you are 50 and above and finding it difficult to stick to a fitness routine and require a little motivation to achieve your fitness goal, then opt for our personalised senior fitness training. Call us on 0425 722 538 and book your first session.

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