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Opt for Personal Training to Ensure Healthy Lifestyle

Are you unhappy with your physical and mental health? Need someone to help in achieving an active lifestyle? Positive Edge is the place for personal fitness training, providing health and fitness services.

Having years of experience in the fitness industry, we understand each and every requirement of our clients. Accordingly, we develop a personal training program to address the needs of every individual.

Our personal training sessions include:

Our fitness classes and training are suitable for everyone living in Thornbury. Our professional personal trainers aim to provide you with the best comfort and care to improve your health.

From weight loss, post-rehab exercise, mobility training, strength training to body shaping, endurance and stamina training, our personal trainers provide all. If you have the expectations of remaining vibrant, functional and active, then opt for our personal training program and take a step towards a healthier life.

Kick start your fitness journey with Positive Edge!

Our Personal Training services located in Fitzroy are available at a gym near the suburbs of Thornbury, CarltonNorthcoteCollingwoodBrunswickParkville, PrestonNorth Melbourne and Coburg.

Senior Fitness

Boost Your Aging Muscles with Senior Fitness Training in Thornbury!

Staying fit is vital at any age, but as you grow older, the demand for fitness increases. This is because an inactive lifestyle causes age-related diseases. A step towards fitness can prevent or delay diseases and improve your health. There are various senior fitness programs which not only offer physical benefits, but also improve your brain health.

We at Positive Edge provide senior citizens, the personal training programs which are designed to live healthy and active life. From reducing health care costs to increase happiness and independence, our senior fitness training covers all.

Well-Equipped Private Training Studio in Thornbury

Forget the busy gym and workout with an expert personal trainer with a complete focus.We have all latest tools, machines and equipment in our studio to improve your overall fitness.

Our personal trainer uses best machines and equipment for increasing your immunity level. Hence, if you want satisfactory facilities more than the average gym-going experience, then register to our private training studio in Thornbury.

Fitness with a Smile only at Positive Edge

At Positive Edge our main objective is to help you get healthy in the right way. To become fit is not difficult, using latest training techniques we are dedicated to achieving body conditioning.

Whether you are suffering from sports injuries, strains or muscle pain, our injury recovery session covers all including injury management and injury rehabilitation. Basically, under these fitness sessions, we help you to maintain your health and fitness. We not only support you in injury recovery, but also helps you in reducing pain with different training programs.

Remember, nothing is impossible With growing age, all you need is the right hand to support. At Positive Edge we are your helping hand in improving the quality of life through Personal fitness training programs.

Contact us today at 0425 722 538 and start your fitness journey!