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Personal Training Services specially Designed for You

Positive Edge offers great fitness solutions for those, who not only want to reach high standards of personal health but also maintain it in the future. Our personal training center in Preston is modernized with special equipment and facilities.

When you invest in your health today, then you are making your future safe by reducing the risk of future health problems. Personal training sessions are all the more fruitful for those, who need expert guidance.

Our personal trainer team is highly experienced and like to work with the clients, to help them achieve a high level of fitness in a specified time frame. The personal trainer services are available for the individuals, who need specialist training to suit their health management requirements. The availability of such a service is what makes our health center quite an attractive destination for health enthusiasts.

Our Personal Training services located in Fitzroy are available at a gym near the suburbs of ThornburyCarltonNorthcoteCollingwoodBrunswickParkvillePrestonNorth Melbourne and Coburg.

Injury Management

Injury Management Is Now Much Easier with Our Expert Training

The post-rehab exercise program is available for a number of medical conditions and appropriate care is taken so that the clients feel comfortable and reach full recovery in a short time. The post-rehab exercise regime is carefully planned for every individual patient. Regularly following a fitness schedule along with the correct diet, one can expect large improvements in health. The exercises are also beneficial for keeping diseases away in the future with no reoccurrence.

One may suffer from an accidental injury and require effective injury management services to reach optimum health once again. Injury recovery is fast and smooth with our expert services, and you will be fit and fine in no time. Good long-term planning will help the clients return to work and lead a normal life.

Injury rehabilitation helps restore strength, flexibility, endurance,and power. The aim of our injury rehabilitation program is to help clients gain post-injury physical fitness levels. You will see injury recovery very soon and adequate reduction in injury pain.

Professional Strength Training for Fitness Lovers

Challenging the muscles with strength training at our fitness center is what required for making your muscles toned and strong. There are many long-term benefits of strength training for the muscles, bones and general metabolism. If proper action is taken on time, then one can prevent weakening of the muscles and also delay the process of aging.

We provide full training for lunges, squats, wall pushups, standing calf raises, biceps curl, triceps extension, abdominal crunches, seated abdominal twists, back extensions, quad knee and arm extensions.

Private Training Studio and Senior Fitness Services in Preston

We take pride in offering excellent quality, fitness training for seniors, which is quite in demand in Preston. There is also the availability of a private training studio for practising in privacy. Senior fitness training can help clients deal with the health consequences arising from age-related body changes. Our senior fitness program is quite flexible and we allow full freedom to the clients to schedule the training, as per their specific needs.

The good news is that our expert physical training is available at quite reasonable rates and we deliver only top-quality services to our esteemed clients. Our facility is well equipped and has been designed to accommodate a number of clients from a variety of backgrounds. We like to research about new and latest fitness trends and developments and make changes to our program accordingly. It is our duty and responsibility to keep you safe at all times and hence we always follow health safety standards.

Where Can You Reach Us?

We are quite sure that when you want to find a reliable fitness training provider, then you will find our expert services very helpful. Our staff offers friendly advice to prospective clients and is forever willing to solve your problems. If you would like to gain additional information about our expert services or want to become a member, then call us today at 0425 722 538.