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Improve Your Health with Our Personal Training Services

It is the fitness goal of many of us to lead a healthy life, free from physical ailments and mental issues. This is quite possible with the personal training services offered by Positive Edge in Parkville.

With the state of art facilities, our health center is able to offer the clients, one of the best fitness development infrastructure and support. We have a passion for improving your personal health, by applying expert knowledge and experience gained over many years.

To guide the health enthusiasts through the process of personal training, we have well trained personal trainers that provide advanced and comprehensive training. They are extremely friendly and always willing to assist the visitors at the center.

The services of a personal trainer are particularly beneficial, for those who are new to the field of fitness training and need expert guidance. Over time the personal trainer can help you follow a fitness schedule and achieve your fitness goals.

Our Personal Training services located in Fitzroy are available at a gym near the suburbs of ThornburyCarltonNorthcoteCollingwoodBrunswickParkvillePrestonNorth Melbourne and Coburg.

Injury Management

Effective Injury Management Services

Working towards helping individuals, who are in the post-rehabilitation stage live a normal life, we provide excellent post-rehab exercise training. We also provide injury rehab training, for those who are suffering from pains and aches. Sometimes it may be unbearable to go through so much discomfort and during such times, you must contact us immediately.

Our services are perfect for those who are seeking injury management and need help for a speedy injury recovery. Even a small amount of time spent every day can work wonders for your body. Concentrating on the injury management will surely facilitate a timely, safe and durable recovery for the injured members. Attending the injury rehabilitation training facility in Parkville will help the clients reach their full potential and health earlier.

Schedule A Strength Training Regime Today for Increased Fitness

Strength training also leads to a number of beneficial changes inside the body based on molecular, enzymatic and hormonal changes which help fight many diseases and strengthen the muscles. There are a number of phenomenal strength training exercises, which the clients can perform with help from our expert staff. The full regime of balanced exercises includes aerobic activity and flexibility exercises.

Fitness Training for Senior Citizens and Private Studio Facilities

Parkville residents will find the facility offered by us highly beneficial, due to the close proximity to our premises. As senior citizens are becoming more interested in living well, the demand for fitness for the seniors has increased substantially over the years. Our senior fitness program has proven to be beneficial for the seniors, and we take pride in serving clients of different age groups. Additionally, we can also provide a private studio in Parkville, for those customers who love working in a private area.

We provide the promise of good quality services and take full care of maintaining high hygiene standards at our training center. In addition to physical training, we also offer advice on adopting the right diet plan and following it regularly. The fitness program is personalized to suit your requirements and lifestyle.

Our services are quite flexible and we have helped many individuals reach their goals and go beyond the targets to achieve supreme health status. Our passion is our inspiration and we wish to continue making a positive change in the lives of many, who is currently suffering from health-related issues or just want to indulge in regular fitness training.

How to Contact Us?

You may feel free to know more about our expert services and how we manage our fitness studio. Please contact us today to speak with a member of our friendly staff in Parkville at 0425 722 538.