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Improve Your Health with Our Qualified Personal Trainer at Carlton

There is nothing better than having your own personal trainer Carlton for an extra push. That’s why we are here!

With years of experience in the fitness industry, we pride ourselves to provide satisfactory personal training in Carlton. Our personal training program helps you to achieve your goal in a more efficient and effective way.

We at Positive Edge offer different personal training Carlton, including:

  • One on One Personal Training Carlton
  • Two on One Personal Training Carlton
  • Small Group Training Carlton
  • Mobile Personal Training Carlton

The primary objective of our personal trainer is to ensure the optimal alignment of your healthy body, mind, and attitude. If you are individuals of age 55 years or more, than for you our professional personal trainers Carlton will take care of your comfort and capabilities.

You can carry out training at your own pace that includes fitness development, weight bearing, cardio, mobility training Carlton, post rehab exercise Carlton, strength training Carlton, body shaping Carlton, and fall prevention. Our special fitness program not only recovers your physical fitness, but also improves your mental fitness.

Our Personal Training services located in Fitzroy are available at a gym near the suburbs of ThornburyCarltonNorthcoteCollingwoodBrunswickParkvillePrestonNorth Melbourne and Coburg.

Senior Fitness

Age Gracefully by Getting Fit

With growing age comes an unavoidable body change and it becomes a little difficult to do daily tasks if you are not fit.Health issues like muscle pain, atrophy and others become common after a certain age, thus you need to invest in health improvement to prevent unwanted diseases. Being fit will help you to live life with increased energy and strength. Due to this, the demand for fitness increases among seniors living in Carlton.

If you are the one who has the fear of falling or losing balance doing fitness exercise, then worry no more. We at Positive Edge have developed a special training senior fitness program in Carlton.

Benefits of Our Senior Fitness Carlton:

  • Helps you maintain or lose weight
  • Reduces the impact of illness and chronic disease
  • Enhances mobility, flexibility, and balance
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts mood and self-confidence
  • Act as a huge stress reliever

From physical health to mental health, you can improve and experience a healthy lifestyle through our personalized personal training program in Carlton.

Improve Your Health by Joining our Private Training Studio at Carlton

Are you living in Carlton? Worried about your health with growing age? At Positive Edge, we help you stay focused, motivated and energized while achieving results far beyond your expectations.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or would like to add variety to your current exercise routine, using the right equipment at our private training studio helps to achieve your fitness goals. Our studio is well-equipped with the best machines, tools, and equipment in order to ensure a fit lifestyle.

For us, quality is more important than quantity, so we provide personal training in order to maintain your quality of life. Hence, if you are the one looking for the way towards a healthy life, then step ahead and join our private training studio at Carlton.

Redefine Yourself by Getting Fit

If you are ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, then Positive Edge has a revolutionary goal setting and personal training program Carlton. By choosing our personalized training program you can burn fat, build muscles and restore balance.

With growing age, every individual goes through various injuries like sports injuries, sprains, hip fractures, head trauma or even brain injuries. Our injury recovery training program covers all including injury management and injury rehabilitation. This session not only improves your mental health, but also increases your immunity level. We will provide a training and fitness experience unlike any other.

Redefine yourself at any age, fitness training from Positive Edge!

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