“Eat more to lose fat. How is that possible?”

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“Eat more to lose fat. How is that possible?”

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Some people think that if you want to lose fat and gain muscle, you can only eat salad and you have to starve yourself. I assure you: This a myth!
When I finished week # 5 I was told by my coach I had to increase my meal size by 30%. I’ve been eating often (every three hours to be precise), and sometimes when it is time to eat again, I’m still full from the last meal. Eating so much has been harder than I thought…
My coach said I will get used to it. She explained I have to eat more to be able to gain muscle and if I don’t eat enough, I will lose muscle instead.

The secret is out: WHAT and WHEN

I am now on week #8 of the program, and I think I finally got it… The art of defining and growing muscle involves WHAT and WHEN… What you eat and when you eat.
Here is the trick about eating more to lose fat and put on muscle: you have to eat the right food, at the right time. Refined carbs and sugar are certainly not part of this diet, so I don’t even go near them. And because I am eating lots of good and nutritious food, I don’t feel hungry and don’t miss the “naughty treats”.
My diet is full of lean protein, sweet potato, brown rice, pulses, vegetables and I am even aloud to have a cup of coffee a day! How good is that?  I have been having brown rice and eggs before the workout (as the muscles need the energy and protein to be working hard during my training) and sweet potato and chicken after the workout (as the muscles need protein and good carbohydrates to rebuild themselves after the training).

Food is fuel, not comfort

Some studies show that about ninety percent of the population has an emotional eating habit. We usually rely on carbs and sugars to give us comfort. So when you are training hard and really want to lose body fat, you have to break the habit. You have to think about FOOD as a FUEL, not comfort.
My current diet is very strict and sometimes it’s hard to do. However, I stick to it because I know my body needs the right fuel to be leaner and stronger.
Mindset is really important when you want to do something challenging. There will be days when your mind will want to talk you out of it, but you have to keep strong and tell yourself you can do it. Once you achieve your goal, you will feel good about yourself and proud of what you have accomplished.

Remember it is not easy BUT you can be strong!

Keep healthy and happy.


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