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5 Myths About Personal Trainers

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According to the Australia Market Research Report, the demand for personal training in Northcote has been increasing since the last five years. This is because of the growing interest of people in fitness, health regimes and weight loss programs.

Why do People Hire Personal Trainers?

One of the best strategies to attain an increased fitness and improved sports performance is by hiring a personal trainer in Parkville and Northcote. Today, personal trainers are far more affordable and available in abundance for anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals. You can choose a qualified and professional personal trainer in Parkville, Northcote or Preston that best suits your workout style.

The global shift towards a healthier and fit life has given rise to a number of personal trainers that provide strength training in Preston. Some people might presume that personal trainers are fitness mentors and they can do nothing wrong! However, the profession is a lot more than working out all day and achieving the perfect athletic body. At the end of the day, they are regular people who have spent a considerable time of their lives studying fitness regimes and health.

Still, they deal with a lot of myths in their professional lives.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Biggest Myths About Personal Training.

  • A Trainer’s Task is To Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight or getting fitter are admirable goals but not smart goals. The task of a personal trainer in Parkville is to help you achieve smart goals. Smart goals comprise of the goals which are timely, specific and attainable. It is important that you understand why you want to lose weight or you’ll have a hard time achieving your goals.

  • Personal Trainers Workout In The Gym All Day

It is a myth that personal trainers work out 24*7 in the gym. Every fitness trainer or a fitness addict for that matter requires at least 1-2 days of break in a week. Training all day long would eventually not give your body enough break and rest that it requires. The most significant part of any fitness regime or strength training in Preston is balancing your workouts and rest to achieve the best results.

  • Just Hiring a Personal Trainer is Enough

Following personal training in Northcote is about adhering to some prescribed nutrition and workout plans. It needs equal efforts both from you and your personal trainer. It is important that you are thoroughly involved in your routine and enjoy every part of it. You should make your workout less boring by engaging in it and not just make it aroutine monotonous task.

  • A Personal Trainer Knows it All

The truth is that the trainers are also just like us, trying and testing new exercises and workout plans. If you expect a trainer to have a thorough research on everything and keep up-to-date with the ongoing workout trends there’s a major chance he/she might not be able to do that. What’s more important is the fact that you find yourself a trainer you can trust upon and follow the guidance.

  • Personal Trainers Eat Perfectly 365 Days A Year

One of the most annoying myths about personal trainers in Parkville is that they eat perfect food like vegetables and plain chicken 24*7 throughout the day. No doubt they follow their diets and plans in a much more conscious way, but they have their cheat days too. They don’t starve or put themselves on a rigid diet. Instead, they take through their diets in a much more balanced and moderate way.

Need Any Help With Achieving Your Fitness Goals? We’re here to Help You!

Positive Edge is a personalised health and fitness service centre that helps you achieve goals and make sure you make the most of your lives. Our personal trainers are highly educated and trained in physical fitness, strength training in Preston. They ensure to create a caring, fun and supportive environment that not only improves your fitness and physique but also helps you grow as a person. We value the trust you put in us and make sure we help you along on your journey, physically and emotionally!

So, are you looking for a personal training in Northcote? Give us a call today at 0425 722 538 and our team will help you with the rest!

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Best Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

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The significance of health and fitness is widespread amongst Australians, which is why they have become conscious about their fitness. Even the suburbs like Parkville and Collingwood in North Melbourne have undergone a great transition and the residents have developed a great inclination for fitness.

There is no doubt about the fact that exercising regularly under the guidance of a personal trainer is a great fitness regime. After all, a personal trainer exactly knows how to deal with your fitness goals and create a perfect road map for you based on your body type and fitness goals.

So, if you want to work on your health and overall well-being, you should consider hiring a personal trainer in North Melbourne. Whether it is about losing a few kgs, making a major change to your diet or improving your muscle strength – hiring a personal trainer is a great way to get started.

Nowadays, every gym has its own team of personal trainers. But, it is important to hire a right personal trainer. If you are personal training in Parkville, go through these handy tips as they will definitely assist you in choosing a right personal trainer.

Checklist for Choosing A Right Personal Trainer

  1. Credentials

The first tip involves checking the credentials of a personal trainer.They must be certified by clearing the required exam through accredited organisations. Knowing their credentials help to ensure you that they meet certain industry standards and have the required competence.

  1. Experience

If you are planning to opt for strength training in Collingwood, ask about the trainer’s experience. An experienced personal trainer can help you with more than just simply building up your muscles. They can also give you instructions regarding working out at home or recommending the meal plans to follow.

  1. Motivation

Are you inclined towards strength training in Collingwood? All you need is a personal trainer who can motivate you constantly to push your boundaries while working out. If your trainer does not inspire or acknowledge your achievements, you are bound to lose your motivation. It is, therefore, essential to hire a personal trainer who uses various tools to motivate and inspire you while working out.

  1. Coaching Style

Every personal trainer has their own special way of working out and staying fit. Some may be tough on certain aspects and some may allow you to be a bit easygoing. So, it is important to know the coaching style of your prospective personal trainer. Their style should align with your fitness goals.

  1. Assessment

Ask questions like: “How you track the progress and measure results?”when choosing your personal trainer.It is always good to know how they analyse and track your growth. Make sure your personal training in Parkville is aligned with your goals, your current fitness level and your medical history.

  1. Availability

It is imperative for you to ask about the schedule of your personal trainer.Find out whether they follow a fixed schedule or are flexible about managing time. Knowing their availability and working hours can help you make a decision.

  1. Location

Finding a personal trainer in North Melbourne is easy, but you need to check the feasibility of going to a gym daily which may be far from your home or office. If you are willing to work out by getting the inspiration from others, hitting the gym is the best idea. But, ensure that the location never becomes a constraint in future.

  1. Reputation

A reputation is a very important aspect considered to make a right decision. And here comes the role of referrals. If the trainer has a good record of making people achieve their goals, the reputation is bound to be at its peak. And, when there is a strong referral base, you know you have got the right trainer for personal training in Parkville.

  1. Cost

Before you begin your hunt for a trainer, it is best to identify your budget. Like, for an instance, if you want to hire a personal trainer for strength training in Collingwood, the experience, training methods and services offered can range widely between different trainers. The best idea is to first set your budget, compare the rates and decide on the one that fits best.

Reach Your Fitness Goals with the Best Personal Trainer

With these handy tips and a bit of research, you are sure to find the best personal trainer in North Melbourne who will help you reach your fitness goals.

Positive Edge is one such fitness centre that brings you closer to your fitness goals. Apart from keeping you constantly motivated, our personal trainer helps you maximise your workout time while providing consistent results. You can inquire more about our services by visiting or even by contacting us at 0425 722 538. Get going with your fitness regime.

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How A Personal Trainer Helps You Achieve The Fitness Goals?

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In today’s society, where most of us are following a sedentary lifestyle, it is essential to increase the daily activity level to maintain both body weight and cardiovascular fitness.  According to a report by OCED, obesity and overweight have virtually increased in Australia.  This suggests that every Melbournian should take the necessary steps towards making their life healthy by achieving fitness goals.

A Step towards Achieving Fitness Goals

Regular exercise will maintain the performance of your heart and lungs. It will help you to burn excess calories and keep your weight under control. Along with this, your diet also plays a significant role in achieving fitness goals.

personal training- positive edge

On one side where you are working hard to achieve fitness goals; on the other side, the Australian government is also making a significant effort. According to the Australian government department of health, the National Preventative Health Strategy was launched to encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This results in greater demand for fitness services and products.

Fitness services often include different types of personal training sessions, including weight loss, endurance and stamina training, post-rehabilitation and mobility training, strength training and body shaping. If you are the one who wants more motivation for achieving your fitness goals, then you need an experienced personal trainer in Fitzroy or Thornbury, suburbs.

Why Is It Important To Choose a Personal Fitness Trainer?

Whether you choose a personal trainer in Thornbury or Fitzroy suburb, they will help you with a unique workout plan to fit your needs and goals. There are other countless advantages to working out with a personal trainer including:

  • Reduces the chance of injury during your workout
  • Helps to establish a lifetime exercise habit
  • Faster and better results
  • Proper fat loss and muscle gain
  • Overcome plateau in your exercise routine

Turning your way of living towards a healthy lifestyle, a personal trainer also assists you with the unique fitness requirements. Below mentioned are the different ways through which a personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals.

  1. Improving Your Quality Of Life Through Exercise

The very general reason why individuals choose for the assistance of a personal trainer is to simply be guided through different exercises. Apart from the health benefits of staying active, regular exercising is also good for the brain. You will invest in your physical and emotional wellness by seeking the personal training in North Melbourne from an efficient trainer.

  1. Creates A Personalised Fitness Plan

One of the best ways a personal trainer in Thornbury or Fitzroy can help you is by formulating a training plan that suits you, your schedule and body type. If you are new to the athlete or exercise, then it is advisable to choose a personal trainer for health benefits. According to your convenience, a personal trainer will advise and train you to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Track Your Progress And Observe Results

Having a personal trainer and personalised workout plan will ensure that you start to see the results you are looking for. In order to track your process and evaluate the results, personal trainers often do periodical follow-up sessions. Your trainer will clearly explain the results you are experiencing and evaluate if your fitness plan has been working well for you or not. They will make necessary changes in the plan, which will benefit you in the future to achieve your goals.

  1. Enhancing Your Performance Through Specialised Nutrition

If you are a fitness or athlete enthusiast, then you will know that exercise will take you so far on its own. Personal trainers will combine an effective exercise schedule with an equally effective nutrition plan. It will help you to maintain and enhance fitness performance. Applying the knowledge and experience, personal trainers in Fitzroy or Thornbury assist you to achieve your fitness goals with nutrition.

  1. Helps To Improve Your Mental Health

Physical exercise with effective personal trainers can help you with mental health problems such as depression.  It is recommended by many medical health professionals to do a workout for a better healthy life. If you are suffering from any mental health issue, then having a personal trainer to assist you with an exercise plan is very beneficial. They will motivate you with choosing the right exercise and reduces your stress.

Get the Best Personal Health and Fitness Service

Looking for the way to achieve your fitness goals? Positive Edge is the place for personal fitness training in North Melbourne. We offer result-oriented and effective health and fitness services. Call us at 0425 722 538 to enrol yourself in our personal training program.

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How to Choose a Strength Training Program?

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Having a good resistance power is essential in today’s time. As we all have a busy lifestyle and we are many of us are guilty of unhealthy eating habits. In order to balance the lifestyle and the health equation, majority of people have resorted to personal training in Carlton. The obvious reason being, achieving a fit and healthy body!

But, if asked, do you know what actually does your body need as a part of strength training in Carlton?

Most of us know that cardio is important for getting fit and losing the beginner’s weight, but what you may not know is just how important strength training is when it comes to getting lean and burning fat.

What is Strength Training?

Strength training involves doing a variety of exercises using resistance. The main aim is to challenge all your muscle groups, including your shoulder, biceps, triceps, chest, back core and lower body.

This is done with the intention of building a lean muscle tissue. So, when you use more resistance than your body can actually handle, your muscle tends to get stronger along with your bones and connective tissue.

Opting for strength training with the help of your personal trainer in Carlton, you may be able to burn more calories all day long, even when you are not working out.

What are the 5 Main Goals of a Strength Training Program?

The benefits of strength training extend beyond simply increasing strength. Depending on how you approach it, a strength training program has a lot to offer you.

Here’s how your strength training in Carlton will benefit your individual concerns:

  • Increase Strength
  • Build Muscle
  • Boost Power
  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Lose fat

Key Elements of a Strength Training Program

Regardless of what your goal is, opting for a personal training in Carlton will feature each of the following:

  • Compound Exercise

The comprehensive strength training strategies emphasise on the multi-joint moves like pull-ups and squats in order to hit multiple muscle groups. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t target the single-muscle workouts like bicep curls and triceps kickbacks. It just means that the focus of your workouts must be the multi-joint moves.

  • Progressive Overload

No matter what your goal is, there won’t be any gains if you do not rigorously increase the challenge for your muscles. This concept is called progressive overload. By regularly increasing the amount of weight you lift with the other aspects including how you lift it and the type of exercise you do, your muscles are bound to grow stronger.

  • Recovery

Even though you have a concrete workout plan given by your personal trainer in Carlton, always remember to incorporate recovery into your weekly routine. Recovery over here refers to prioritizing quality sleep, nutrition and hydration along with scheduling your rest days. Here, rest days don’t mean the days when you need to be totally inactive. It rather means to keep your intensity below your routine workout level.

  • Proper Protein Nutrition

You also need to prioritize your protein intake in order to make the most out of your strength training in Carlton. It is simple; your muscles won’t grow if you don’t provide them with sufficient materials to do so. The intake of protein shakes will offer you with a quick, convenient means of getting the muscle-building nutrients that you might need throughout the day and especially after a workout.

Your Training Program Choice Depends on Training Level

The type of personal training program in Carlton selected by you highly depends on your level of training advancement. This is best defined by your recovery ability and not on how much you can actually lift. The reason behind this is, every individual has a different body immunity and recovery system – some may recover quickly enough whereas others may need several days to recover.

If we were to make recommendations on training frequency and volume based on relative strength, they would sound appropriate for some, but woefully inappropriate for others. So, it is best to use your recovery capacity to help decide your program of strength training in Carlton.

In order to make the fastest gains, your personal trainer in Carlton will always give you these below pieces of advice:

  1. Limit the number of exercises you perform

If you take up many different exercises right from the start, you will have many different movements to ingrain which will ultimately slow down the learning process of each exercise. Hence, it is best to limit the number of exercises you perform, especially when you have just started your strength training program.

  1. Use linear progression when you can

When you have the capacity of increasing the weight lifted from session to session, it is called linear progression. Using this technique is the fastest way to make progress in a strength training program.

Find Your Strength Training Program

Choosing a right personal trainer in Carlton is a pre-requirement for reaching your goal of strength training. An experienced trainer identifies your body type, immunity, strength and all the other aspects based on which an accurate strength training program will be designed for you.

Positive Edge is one such renowned name for personal health and fitness. Design your customised strength training program by speaking to one of our trainers. Call us at 0425 722 538.


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“If you slip up, don’t give up… Just start again!”

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Last Sunday, I went to a friend’s house for lunch. She was very sweet as she only cooked meals that suited my strict diet, and everything was lovely.

Two hours later, she got a cake out of the oven and I couldn’t ignore that delicious smell. It was a carrot cake. CARROT CAKE is one of my favorite cakes and particularly the one made by my friend Jess, her carrot cake is even better than my mother’s. ☺

As I’ve mentioned in my past posts, I’m not allowed to have any sugar or refined carbs while on this diet and I’ve been able to talk myself out of eating a piece of chocolate cake before, but this time I couldn’t resist! I ate not 1 but 2 pieces of Jess’s cake and I must confess: I really enjoyed it!

I told my clients what happened and got mixed reactions from them. Some of them were very understanding, some said they expected me to be much stronger and others told me that they were glad I ate the cake without feeling guilty.

I’ve decided to talk about it because I wanted to show my clients that having a treat sometimes can be good for the body and the soul. If you are trying to “be good” but you make a mistake and surrender to temptation, don’t give up – just start again!

Some of my clients who have tried to lose weight in the past, admit to have quit too easily. They would go really well for a couple of weeks and suddenly after going out with friends (drinking and eating heaps), would end up feeling guilty and giving up on the diet. Once they understood that sometimes it’s ok to make mistake and start again, they were able to achieve their goals.

Never give up!

You don’t need to give up on your diet if you ate something that you shouldn’t. There is always tomorrow and you can start the diet again. That’s how I see it: I didn’t eat cake for 9 weeks, I really enjoyed the carrot cake while I was having it (and I knew that cake was worthwhile ☺), so now I can go for another 9 weeks without eating cake.

On that note, I am happy to say I was very good this week… I’m back on track!

“Believe in yourself, be focused and strong minded! You are capable of doing incredible things.”

Keep healthy and happy.


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“Pre-workout Pancake”

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In a food Processor add:

4 eggs
1 cup of cooked brown rice
1 cup of Chinese broccoli.
Season to taste.

Process on max for 5 min, poor on a non-stick pan and oven bake for 20min at 180º Celsius.
Serve with water cress or baby rocket.

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“Eat more to lose fat. How is that possible?”

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Some people think that if you want to lose fat and gain muscle, you can only eat salad and you have to starve yourself. I assure you: This a myth!
When I finished week # 5 I was told by my coach I had to increase my meal size by 30%. I’ve been eating often (every three hours to be precise), and sometimes when it is time to eat again, I’m still full from the last meal. Eating so much has been harder than I thought…
My coach said I will get used to it. She explained I have to eat more to be able to gain muscle and if I don’t eat enough, I will lose muscle instead.

The secret is out: WHAT and WHEN

I am now on week #8 of the program, and I think I finally got it… The art of defining and growing muscle involves WHAT and WHEN… What you eat and when you eat.
Here is the trick about eating more to lose fat and put on muscle: you have to eat the right food, at the right time. Refined carbs and sugar are certainly not part of this diet, so I don’t even go near them. And because I am eating lots of good and nutritious food, I don’t feel hungry and don’t miss the “naughty treats”.
My diet is full of lean protein, sweet potato, brown rice, pulses, vegetables and I am even aloud to have a cup of coffee a day! How good is that?  I have been having brown rice and eggs before the workout (as the muscles need the energy and protein to be working hard during my training) and sweet potato and chicken after the workout (as the muscles need protein and good carbohydrates to rebuild themselves after the training).

Food is fuel, not comfort

Some studies show that about ninety percent of the population has an emotional eating habit. We usually rely on carbs and sugars to give us comfort. So when you are training hard and really want to lose body fat, you have to break the habit. You have to think about FOOD as a FUEL, not comfort.
My current diet is very strict and sometimes it’s hard to do. However, I stick to it because I know my body needs the right fuel to be leaner and stronger.
Mindset is really important when you want to do something challenging. There will be days when your mind will want to talk you out of it, but you have to keep strong and tell yourself you can do it. Once you achieve your goal, you will feel good about yourself and proud of what you have accomplished.

Remember it is not easy BUT you can be strong!

Keep healthy and happy.


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“Athletes eat and train. They don’t diet and exercise”

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2017-05-31 20.11.35I read this phrase this week and it called my attention. It actually bothered me a little bit.

As I mentioned in my post last week, I never really believed in diets. I always thought that if you eat healthy during the week, you can have a treat on the weekends… Oh well, when I read that phrase, I realised I have changed my mind… I now do believe in diets.

I can’t ignore the results…

This is all very interesting and new to me. Since I started doing this new exercise program and following a strict diet, a lot of things have changed in my mind and in my body. This is week #6 on this program and I am honestly very happy with my results. I really thought that sticking to a diet would be very difficult for me but as I also said last week, it hasn’t been a problem at all.

The cake temptation…

Last Saturday, I went to my friend’s birthday party, and there it was – the CAKE! I love cake!

The cake kept staring at me but I’m happy to say I kept strong and did NOT have it!. J

This is something I thought I would not be able to do: talk myself out of eating a piece of cake… But actually when I thought about the results I am having, the craving for a piece of that cake went away in a blink.

I also told myself (which helped a lot) that when I got the body I wanted I would be able to enjoy a piece of cake (every so often), just like I was doing before.

It’s about making a decision and taking the first step…If you have a healthy weight, are happy with your body and you exercise to keep your fitness, you don’t need to change your diet. However, if you want to lose weight or shed fat and put on some serius muscles, you have to exercise (harder) and you will need to follow a diet.

I am not an athlete and don’t plan to become one, I’m just a regular person who loves exercising and is ready to take the next step towards a leaner and stronger version of myself.

If you are a regular person like me and you are thinking about commencing an exercise program, or if you want to start going to the gym, or if you want to start a new diet, it is totally worth it giving a go, just take the first step. Once you start seeing results, something will change in your mind and give you strength to keep going. I assure you! You just need to take the first step – you just need to start!

“Believe in yourself, be focused and strong minded! You are capable of doing incredible things.”

Keep healthy and happy.


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“Operation Amanda PT: a leaner and stronger version of myself”

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IMG_20170520_122544_159Four weeks ago I told a very good friend of mine that I was going on a diet and she freaked out! ☺

She freaked out because that meant I would follow a very strict diet and give up on alcohol for quite a while.

We usually go out with our friends to socialize and have a good time. And this often involves eating good food and having a few drinks, so NOT drinking is a big thing, isn’t it? Alcohol can help us relax and unwind. I really enjoy my weekly glass or two.

One thing my friend told me that day was true, she said: “You don’t believe in diets! You’ve always said that if people exercise and eat well during the week they can have a treat on the weekend… you have always thought that. Why are you going to do this program?”

Well, here is why…

I’ve always wanted to have a leaner body but in the past I wasn’t ready to give up ice cream, chocolate, cake and wine, but this time, I’m ready to do it!

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 17 years and exercising since I was 5 years old. The first time I went on a diet was in 2014, as I wanted to lose some fat and get stronger. I stopped eating fatty foods, refined carbohydrates, sugar and I also stopped drinking alcohol.

Back then, I really struggled with the strict diet.. (what I missed the most in 2014 was pasta (I LOVE PASTA) and wine (I love having some wine on the weekends)). However, I am happy to say that I’ve been on this diet for four weeks now and so far I’ve kept strong. Last Saturday, I really wanted to eat a chicken burger but I quickly talked myself out of it when I thought about the good results I’ve been having already.

Four weeks on and I’m 2.7 kilos lighter, and feeling stronger!

I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me at the end of this 6-month journey! Watch this space…

“Believe in yourself, be focused and strong minded! You are capable of doing incredible things”

Keep healthy and happy,